Cosmetic Dentistry can be the way

Cosmetic Dentistry 1Dentistry is the branch of medical sciences that involves study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases and disorders associated with your oral, facial structure, especially teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry or dental surgery that is dedicated and performed to improve your appearance of teeth or gums. So, the main concept of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile and make it look better.

Since the inception of cosmetic dentistry, it was considered as a royal treatment affordable only by the rich people and celebrities around the world. But now, with the development and advancement in the field of dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry has become easily accessible to all classes of people around the society. Improving your facial make up or smile using cosmetic dentistry may in turn result in the development of your self-confidence and personality, giving you a solid mental health free of depression. Cosmetic dentistry may involve the following procedures –

  • Addition of materials applicable as dental materials to your teeth and gums.
  • Removal of harmful teeth residue or removal of teeth structure or gums.
  • Bleaching or whitening of your teeth using advanced machines.
  • Straightening or setting up the alignment of your teeth making your facial appearance better.

Materials used in dental fillings or any other kind of tooth restorations were accomplished by using gold, amalgam or other metals. Nowadays, porcelain is used to do such works which resembles the appearance of your teeth closely. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved with time with the invention of various new procedures and technologies. Most of the renowned cosmetic dentistry procedures include –

  • Cosmetic Dentistry procedureInlays – This procedure is also known as indirect filling. Materials used in this procedure are made of porcelain or some other composite materials. This material is used to fill the place of decayed teeth or any other structural damage of your teeth. These materials are long lasting and resemble a lot like your natural teeth.
  • Composite bonding – Broken or decayed teeth with a cavity is generally repaired following this renowned procedure known as composite bonding. A dental composite material which looks exactly like your enamel and dentin is used to fill the cavity of your teeth or at the surface where decay loss is observed.
  • Whitening – This is by far the mostly used and followed cosmetic dental procedure. Teeth may get tainted due to various reasons like food, smoking and drinking. In these cases, beaching or whitening your teeth using advanced machine will make your teeth brighter making your smile a lot more beautiful.
  • Veneers – Dental veneers is generally applied if you have space in between in your teeth. Also if teeth bleaching or teeth whitening are not suitable for your teeth, dental veneer is recommended.
  • Implants – Dental implants are basically artificial teeth used to replace your severely decayed or damaged natural teeth. This process not only makes your smile look better but also gives you a youthful loom with healthy and steady implanted teeth.

So, cosmetic dentistry is very important practice that makes your life better by giving you a happier smile. You can consult the best cosmetic dentist for more information on the subject.